Special grading packing box for hottest winter juj

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Special grading packaging box for winter jujube

patent name special grading packaging box for winter jujube patent applicant sun Zhongqing main applicant address 251700 Huimin County Forestry Bureau inventor sun Zhongqing, No. 143 Dongmen street, Huimin County, Shandong Province; Liu moting application (patent) No 6 application date 2004.08.27 date of issuance approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.09.21 instruction CD No. d0538 main classification No. b65d85/34 classification No. b65d85/34; B65D81/02; The special grading packaging box for winter jujube in the priority item of the original application No. of b07b1/00 sub case belongs to the technical field of sorting, transportation and storage fruit packaging boxes. The size of winter jujube fruit depends on manual selection, which is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also difficult to achieve uniformity. The graded sale of fruits reflects the principle of high quality and good price, and the experimental curve is recorded; The application of sensor technology makes the measurement respond digitally. So far, no instrument can complete the above work. The technical scheme of the utility model is: the upper part of the polystyrene foam box 1 is provided with a box cover 2, the lower part is provided with a box bottom surface 4 lined with foam backing plate 3, and a screen hole 5 is opened on the box bottom surface 4 in a completely reversible process. It makes the structure of the domestic utilization software more reasonable. The advantages are that it effectively solves the problem of grading and packaging after picking winter jujube, and makes the grading packaging complete at one time, which improves the work efficiency by 5 ~ 10 times compared with manual fruit selection, and shortens the time of fruit selection and packaging. This design is simple and practical. Sovereignty item 1. The special grading packaging box for winter jujube is characterized by: the polystyrene foam box (1) has a box cover (2) on the upper part, a box bottom (4) lined with foam backing plate (3) on the lower part, and a screen hole (5) is opened on the box bottom (4). International application international announcement date of entry into the country patent agency Jinan Luke Patent Agency Co., Ltd. institutional address agent our company's safety tools electronic tensile testing machine supporting full baoguangming

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